Tuesday, January 17, 2012

You need not get lost searching for an answer to the “where is” question that the millions of caregivers have been asking.

Close to 9 million people in this country suffer with some form of a cognitive disorder, from dementia and Alzheimer’s to Autism, Down syndrome and veterans that came home from battle with brain injuries. According to the Alzheimer's Association, about 60 percent of the 5.4 million of those afflicted with the Alzheimer’s will wander off and become lost.

George Mason University Professor Andrew Carle recently stated, “of course these are only U.S. numbers with an estimated 25 million cases of Alzheimer worldwide expected to quadruple to 100 million short of a cure.”

After nine years of research and development, GTX Corp (GTXO.OB) and its partner Aetrex Worldwide have brought to the consumer market a solution for people who wander – a GPS Shoe with an embedded 2-way GPS tracking device that will instantly locate the wearer and send a caregiver an alert via text or email if the wearer wanders off beyond a pre set area.

Joann Johnston, whose husband, Bill Johnston, has Alzheimer's disease, said; the shoes give her peace of mind. "When I lost him, you kind of panic."

When a 79 year old victim went missing the Virginia Beach Police Department, Emergency Medical Services and the Virginia Department of Emergency Management Search & Rescue Team and numerous volunteers assisted in her search. Fortunately she was found alive, but the Police claimed the net cost to the taxpayers was about $36,000. No one questioned that the money was well spent, but what if there were a better way to locate those that wander, what if instead of $36,000 you could bring the cost down to $299?

If only 10 percent of the 9 million Americans which have a cognitive disorder get lost – 900,000. Assuming it would cost a thousand dollars on average to locate someone that had wandered off and became lost – 900,000 multiplied by $1,000 for each search would cost $900,000,000. That’s almost 1 billion dollars that could be saved or better spent on research developing cures. That’s 10 percent at a cost of $1,000, when the statistics show it’s closer to 60% that wander at a search and rescue cost of tens of thousands of dollars. Not to mention the emotional toll on the caregivers. The value in peace of mind gained, search and rescue costs and lives potentially saved isn’t quantifiable.

How much is a pair of GPS SHOES - MSRP $299
How much is the monthly monitoring service - between $30 to $40 depending on usage and features
How often do they need to be charged - approximately every 50 hours
Do they come in both men’s and women’s- yes
How often do they report back- every 10 or 30 minutes depending on which monthly plan you select
If a loved one wanders how do I get notified – either by text message or email
Can more than one person receive the notifications – yes you can add as many people as you wish on your alert list
Does the GPS SHOE tell me when the battery is low – yes either by text or email
Do I need a special wireless carrier – no the GPS SHOES will work in the U.S. anywhere that there is T Mobile coverage
Where can I learn more about the GPS SHOES – www.gtxcorp.com www.gpsshoe.com www.aetrex.com

Where can I order a pair – www.aetrex.com

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