Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Find the missing in a minute.

The advantage of the Aetrex GPS Shoe over other dementia tracking devices is the device is in a shoe worn by the subject unlike other pocket size tracking devices which often get tossed or traded.

The way it works - The caregiver sees that the afflicted wears the shoe, the caregiver turns on the signal form the online portal and its done. If the subject breaks the specified perimeter the device will turn on and begin sending signals which can be viewed on a web enabled device like a smart phone or a computer.

Location is instantaneous and private. The need for municipal services in uncalled for and the recovery can be effectively managed by familiar faces. Yes there are hybrid product/service combinations endorsed by namesake organizations, but they are more complicated and do not take advantage of embedding the device discretely on the subject’s person.

To buy the best tracking solution visit: Aetrex Navistar GPS Footwear System and let the 2-way Patented GPS technology from GTX Corp find the missing in a minute. Watch this CNET story on the first GPS enabled Alzheimer’s tracking device in a shoe.

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