Tuesday, September 4, 2012

GTX Corp's GPS Shoes Around the World

For people, or loved ones with cognitive disorders see what people are saying about the GPS Shoes. Click Here to watch the video.

Sylvia L from Temple Hills MD, recently purchased the GPS shoes for her father who has Alzheimer's, – and had this to say

"The GPS shoes that we purchased for our father are the best investment we have ever made. Just knowing he is safe now with the GPS shoes, brings me to tears of gladness."

Around the world GTX Corp aims to take away the chilling words that we have all heard too often lately, "PERSON FOUND MISSING" and quickly convert them to the joyous words "MISSING PERSON FOUND."

GPS Shoes in the U.S, Canada, Mexico, Germany, UK, Australia, Israel, Taiwan, Singapore

GPS Shoes around the world.

GPS Shoes in the US and Canada

In Queensland Australia.

In Berlin Germany.

In Cancun, Mexico.

In Singapore.

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The Aetrex Navistar™ GPS Footwear System, powered by GTX Corp available on line today.

Give your loved ones peace of mind. Order your GPS Shoes today at www.navistargpsshoe.com or call 800-526-2739.

To learn more about the GPS Shoe technology or inquire about licensing opportunities go to www.gpsshoe.com or www.gtxcorp.com.

Online: - www.gtxcorp.com - www.facebook.com/gtxcorp - www.twitter.com/gtxcorp
General and licensing information - info\@gtxcorp.com
Media - Suzy Ginsburg 713-721-4774 - suzy\@gcomworks.com

Download your favorite app (or try them all) by clicking the icon that matches your phone above. Or visit our website and see how you can stay connected with friends and family www.gpstrackingapps.com.

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