Thursday, June 27, 2013

LOCiMOBILE - Launching new Enterprise App

LOCiMOBILE - Launching new Enterprise App

You may have heard we recently soft launched our new enterprise monitoring App Track My Work Force TMWF

The soft launch went very well, we have a growing number of small to medium size businesses with 1 fortune 50 company and currently monitoring hundreds of field reps in 6 countries.

Through word of mouth, we receive on average 2-3 leads per week, this with zero promotion.

So we are working on our initial marketing launch utilizing email and social media to start getting the word out.

This App greatly enhances the ability for a business to provide better customer service and manage their mobile work force.

All the employee/rep needs is a Smartphone and the cost to the business is \$5 per month per rep.

The TMWF app is an efficient and cost-effective way for business owners and managers to keep track of and manage their mobile work force. It’s faster and safer than text messaging and allows the worker to focus on the task at hand rather than spending valuable time calling HQ to check in and report.

As friends and followers of GTX Corp and LOCiMOBILE we want to take this opportunity to let you know we are offering a Free 2 week trial.

If you are a business owner or manager and would like a free 2 week evaluation promo code in order to pilot the TMWF app and backend monitoring service, please click here to contact us at support\

If you are or know someone in the food, delivery, pharmaceutical, construction, plumbing, sales and service business that could benefit form knowing in real time where their field workers are please contact us or pass this along.

Cheers from the Company that - helps you stay connected to who matters most.

For complete information on Track My Workforce, please Click Here. If you are reading this email on your mobile phone or other mobile device you will see the Mobile Optimized Web Site.

Contact Support to request a free two week trial.

Thank you for taking the time to read this email from GTX Corp and LOCiMOBILE.

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